About Us

Compare and go is here to save those looking for new insurance policies some precious time and money. It can be such a pain getting quotes for your car, house, bike or van and this is usually because of the  annoyance of having to run through your details over and over again with different insurers. Very tedious.

Using multiple insurance comparison websites to compare insurance quotes from the majority of the market can save you this valuable time whilst giving the breadth of options to make an informed decision.

The comparison sites include: Go compare, Tesco Compare, Uswitch and others in time.

Our aim in a  nutshell is this:

1. Provide you the full list detailing all UK insurance comparison engines

2. Quick links to each

3. Any news related to each

and finally…

4. News, competitions or insurance loopholes that maybe be out there.


So we’re not claiming to part the Red Sea but in a way we’re trying to make your path as clear as possible to get the right insurance quote for you


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