Cheapest car insurance quotes online

When you”re looking for the cheapest car insurance quotes online, you have to ensure that you know exactly what type of insurance you want before you begin the search. To speed things up, it’s also beneficial to have all the relevant information to hand that will be asked for when you fill out a policy quote form:

Personal Information:

Name, address

Years driving, and penalty points on license

Vehicle model, registration, colour,  age, engine size, number of doors, modifications, security features

Whether it’s kept on the road, private parking or garage


Insurance Factors include:

Type of insurance – third party, fire and theft or fully comp

Legal cover – included or not

Payment – monthly instalments or payment upfront

Additional drivers


Having all these factors written  down in a word document beforehand means you can copy and paste the details into a quote form nice and quickly saving you some precious time on this somewhat laborious task.